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Merchandising and Retail Services

Proactively envisioned retail and merchandising services.

At the forefront of our business is the ability to stay ahead of the curve and always give you the best insight possible to your business.

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  • Merchandising

    Tackling some of todays biggest retail challenges

    In today's environment, you need customized solutions and fast execution. You cannot rely on the retailer to make sure your product is merchandised appropriately, priced correctly, or even in stock. Whether it's product rotation, resets, in-store surveys, retagging, fixture installation or others, you can rely on us to make your brand's success our top priority. We have the technology, solutions and team to help make any part of your retail strategy a success.

  • Product Resets

    Fast and efficient turn-around

    Product Resets at a larger scale utilize all aspects of merchandising to complete a rearrangement of a certain area, line of product, and/or all of the above. Resets consist of SRS merchandisers to be trained with clients’ expectation in mind. Whether that is restocking,stocking, putting out POP signage, following planogram instructions, inserting new price labels, etc. SRS merchandisers exceed all aspects of tasks and store communication representing the better half of our clients at store level.

  • Point-Of-Purchase Displays

    Optimal Display Management

    While Point – of – Purchase displays specialize in the sales promotion found near, on, or next to a checkout counter, SRS specializes in informing our clients and encouraging retail conversations to ensure opportunity to draw customers’ attention to products. By utilizing store floor plans and encouraging best display placement, our goal is to provide optimal opportunity for increase in our clients overall sales.

  • Fulfillment

    Optional fulfillment on your behalf

    No matter the size of the client, we provide optimal warehouse and fulfillment management. We customize our platform to accommodate your needs and we support local, regional and even national clients. With a warehouse size of 5,000 sqft, we can store many items and ship them out to our reps quickly and efficiently.

Merchandising at the speed of Retail

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Latest Technology

Information is crucial to the success of your brand’s promotion. A well-defined tracking system gives you retail intelligence from the field. SRS partners with Natural Insight, the industry’s leading workforce management software provider, to bring you state-of-the-art scheduling, real-time activity monitoring, immediate merchandiser matchups, fast movement of information and instructions to reps, and retail accountability. We are able to provide our customers with very productive and actionable data with responsive results.

Smart and Flexible

We program retail services around your needs, your time schedule, and your geography. Our retail staff provides custom, creative, problem-solving options that work for your brand and your retail customer. SRS’s account management team has the knowledge to provide our clients with appropriate feedback and options to ensure successful service execution.


Our reps are able to execute nearly 100% of their tasks within the same visit utilizing our mobile technology. This provides even faster results for our customers so they can keep doing what they do best.

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